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It’s a multi, multi, multi world

In 2013 you are going to hear a lot about “multi”. In fact it’s going to be the year of multi cubed. A world in which consumers have multiple devices, use them in multiple locations and need to be reached via multiple advertising formats. Read more on It’s a multi, multi, multi world…

Innovations in out of home we’ll be seeing more of in 2013

When we talk about how digital marketing channels have evolved in recent years, often we refer to the take off of social media, the advent of mobile and the general implications that the Internet has had on marketing innovation. But there is another sector – one I feel that is slightly overlooked – that has benefitted hugely from the technological advancements that digital has to offer. Out of home media has undergone something of a digital revolution of late – and I’m talking far beyond the digital six sheets that now frequently grace our west-end underground stations. Read more on Innovations in out of home we’ll be seeing more of in 2013…

Microsoft’s Outlook.com could be winner

Microsoft’s new email service Outlook.com looks good, modern, uncluttered and will no doubt confine sister-service Hotmail to the rubbish heap, where it belongs.

Hotmail, over 15 –years-old and left to rot for the last eight amidst a super-fast digital industry in which more nimble and contemporary looking emails such as Gmail trumped it, needed ditching and Microsoft knew it. Read more on Microsoft’s Outlook.com could be winner…

Facebook dominates online global conversation about marketing and advertising

As the great and the good gather for the ninth annual Media360 Conference today, joint research by PR consultancy Braben and business intelligence company Polecat using its virtual analyst software MeaningMine shows over 35,000 articles on marketing and advertising around the world have been published online so far in 2012.

That averages out to over 8,300 articles every month and nearly 300 every day. Such a large amount of discussion just goes to show how the media business is never far from the headlines on a minute by minute basis. The MeaningMine platform crunches through 1.5m online and social media postings every day to track this in real-time. Read more on Facebook dominates online global conversation about marketing and advertising…

The new engagement

Channel 4’s head of strategic sales set up The Plannertarium to
convince clients and agencies to try something new, Jane Bainbridge
writes. Four years on, the event has delivered in spades. Read more on The new engagement…

“Inside John Lewis” – Why Do People Think They’re Strange?

Watched the behind-the-scenes documentary last night and really enjoyed it.

Would love to know how much footage they actually saw before it went out, but I bet the inquisitive female audience who might have watched could well have been turned by all the emphasis on their fashion foray.

Read more on “Inside John Lewis” – Why Do People Think They’re Strange?…

Microsoft Launches Online Store

Microsoft Store will initially launch with a range of software products, including Windows Vista, Microsoft Office 2007, Works and Expression. Over time, the available portfolio will expand to include a broad range of Microsoft’s consumer products.”

Read more on Microsoft Launches Online Store…

Death By Blogging?

Check out this article in the NYTimes to see what we Media Week bloggers have to endure to bring you news, views and opinion….

We don't get paid, but I've put on 5 stone since Friday worrying about my content for this week. You really have no idea how stressful this can be, not getting paid for sticking our heads above the parapet and daring to say what we feel about a topic!

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Microsoft Threatening The Net

The BBC have a story about the Google reaction to the proposed Microsoft/Yahoo! deal.

I can't comment obviously but what do you think?

If You Can Think It, You Can Do it – 24hrs in Paris

OnMonday I mentioned I'd attended the Microsoft Digital Conference – Imagine 07 – in Paris last week.

The purpose of these occasions is to entertain 600 odd key clients and press, show our wares and give an update on where we are with certain products and services, but we also need to give the delegates some takeways to think about on their way home.

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