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11 trends for 2011

I’m keen to look forward to next year, and what I believe will be some for biggest areas of growth across the world of social media.

Financial Times iPad app brings in £1m

The Financial Times is celebrating after revealing that its Apple iPad app has generated £1m in advertising revenue since it was launched in May.

Brand Republic reported in June how the FT iPad app had registered three times more downloads in its first two weeks since launch, than its iPhone app managed. Read more on Financial Times iPad app brings in £1m…

Google Instant: the marmite factor

Two weeks after its launch, it seems that Google Instant has the Marmite factor – you either love it or hate it. The Guardian’s Charlie Brooker described his experience as like being an unwitting test subject in a global experiment conducted by Google. But whether you’re a fan or not it’s still early days. And there are many – as yet unanswered – questions about the impact this will have for publishers and agencies alike.

Smart Ideas: are marketers ready to join the apps gold rush?

Although many people are claiming that the smart phone “apps gold rush” is going to be the next big advertising channel are marketers really ready to take the plunge? Pete Davis takes a look.

Mary Meeker Talks Up Mobile

If you’re not from around these parts, Morgan Stanley’s Mary Meeker aka “Queen of the net” is a highly influential securities analyst, who regularly holds forth about the state of the economy and the digital industry. This time, her presentation was as interesting as ever and focused on the mobile web. If you’re still a mobile sceptic, make this your must-read publication of your week. It all makes fascinating reading, but the mobile section starts on page 28.
Mary Meeker’s Internet Presentation 2009Even if you missed the digital boom, or joined in too late, you must get into mobile now as it’s already changing media and advertising and we’re only at the beginning.

Read more on Mary Meeker Talks Up Mobile…

Is This The Year of Mobile?

Maybe not……but one of these years (soon) it will be and you should be ready!

Media Week, reporting on the new IAB figures, headlined that mobile ad spend is up 99% in 12 months.

Read more on Is This The Year of Mobile?…

Mobile Friends A Snip At £11k

The Telegraph reports today, just how toxic mobile downloads can be to the wallet if you, or your wife, are not careful!

It's sad how a ridiculous case like this is what it takes, to strengthen the resolve of the powers-that-be to put a stop to the outlandish roaming fees the mobile operators get away with…..

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Is It Time at The Bar?

I read earlier this week with great joy that a company called MyQBuster is set make stressful nights out in busy British hostelries a thing of the past.

The technology is mobile-based and very easy to use. You simply text your drinks order to the bar from where ever you’re sitting, a pin code authorises payment from you pre-registered mobile phone, and for a 10% tip the drinks are swiftly delivered to your table.

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Time Brandits

Spent my last day in Seattle at the Puyallup Fair, a kind of outdoors ideal home exhibiton meets fun fair meets rodeo-type ofshebang (!)

Towards the end of the day I looked around to ask someone the time as I'd forgotten my watch. It took 15 minutes to find anyone (out of 1000s) with a watch on…..why?

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DigiTalia #4 – Tipped.co.uk

Hot off the server, this new site is bound to improve John McCririck’s social life!

Nothing to do with the gee gees, Tipped.co.uk is well thought out social-networking cum local-search offering that works wonderfully on your mobile phone too – http://tipped.mobi

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