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Have we taken leave of our census?

Have we taken leave of our census?Our 200-year-old census is under threat. Time has been called on the decennial bastion of market research. The ONS have announced that they will shortly be launching a consultation to discuss two possible options: either an online-only census every ten years or a re-packaging of administrative data regularly collected every year by the Government combined with a rolling annual survey.

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Facebook dominates online global conversation about marketing and advertising

As the great and the good gather for the ninth annual Media360 Conference today, joint research by PR consultancy Braben and business intelligence company Polecat using its virtual analyst software MeaningMine shows over 35,000 articles on marketing and advertising around the world have been published online so far in 2012.

That averages out to over 8,300 articles every month and nearly 300 every day. Such a large amount of discussion just goes to show how the media business is never far from the headlines on a minute by minute basis. The MeaningMine platform crunches through 1.5m online and social media postings every day to track this in real-time. Read more on Facebook dominates online global conversation about marketing and advertising…


‘Engagement’ is still one of the most overused words in media. It is a slippery snake of a concept, still without a consensus definition and ‘measured’ in a menagerie of random (and often conflicting) ways. Each medium has a different interpretation of it and those interpretations don’t travel well. We have no accepted view of how it contributes to the bottom line. We know very little about it. But we know one thing; it is not attention. We don’t ‘think about’ engagement. So why does it keep getting pushed that way?

Siegmund Freud studied neuroscience, but became frustrated by the limited explanation the physical brain could provide for the complexities of the human experience. When he proposed, more than a century ago, that “‘most of our mental life operates unconsciously and that consciousness is merely a property of one part of the mind” he was vilified by the scientific community. Yet those two hypotheses, that most of our mental functioning happens at an unconscious level and our conscious brain is relatively unimportant in the wider scheme of things, are readily (and provably) accepted by that same community today.

The future of TV metrics and measurement

I recently attended BARB’s very constructive presentation on the future of cross-platform TV measurement, where they announced the establishment of the Measurement Sciences Forum. The new forum is a great initiative from BARB to ensure focused industry debate around the development and evolution of an important area for the future of TV advertising.

The TV industry is going from strength-to-strength and growing into new areas such as online, mobile, set-top boxes and personalised TV consumption. With such rapid growth comes the demand for a new set of metrics that can act as a trusted source of measurement for both media owners and buyers. The opportunities in digital have given rise to a large number of different and disparate methods of measurement. It is our responsibility as an industry to come together to develop an industry-agreed set of measurement standards so that the media world can be confident in the data on which they trade. Read more on The future of TV metrics and measurement…

What is more difficult, fighting to get content on IPTVs or a seat on a train?

It’s 6.35pm and as my, short on carriages, and over-crowded train pulls out of Waterloo, I’m left wondering whether people prefer for life to be easy, or just not too difficult. The difference? Well, I would argue that we all want an easier life, but it needs some challenges otherwise we get bored. As long as people don’t go out of their way to create difficulty, then we should be happy most of the time.

The rainforest and the advertising industry

I’ve had a week to digest the talking points of our Zeitgeist conference, where royals, bankers, business leaders, journalists and even an Amazonian tribal chief came together to discuss issues of the day. But one issue in particular stuck in my mind – sustainability.

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…And access for all

As you may have read in a previous post, our house is currently a building site and we’re living in temporary accommodation. Although the flat is nice enough, the family and I are all starting to miss our creature comforts: my wife and I the garden and the Sky Plus HD box, the kids their trampoline. But we’re united in yearning for broadband which we’re all struggling to cope without.

My youngest daughter is a fan of the Bratz website (about dolls and accessories, for those of you without young girls), my son his Xbox live gaming & my eldest a constant stream of YouTube – let alone all their homework requirements which seem to demand internet access these days.

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It’s great up in the digital North

I’ve recently come back from a couple of days in the north,
where I had breakfast, lunch and dinner with most of our agency partners in
that part of the world.

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Can digital ad revenues continue to grow?

we’re in a major media recession it was interesting to see this
week’s IAB numbers showing continued growth for digital. Online
ad spend in 2008 rose 17.1% to £3.3bn, and online spend now
makes up over 19% of the overall market in the UK. The UK is still
leading the world in terms of digital advertising, but my question is
how do we maintain this position?

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Customer service and brand reputation. Ah-haa!

for not blogging over the last couple of weeks, but we’ve got builders tearing my house apart – and finding a temporary
home for the family has been taking up a lot of time (outside of work
of course)!

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