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Let’s Encourage Businesses to Think About Being Visible

Tomorrow I’m travelling up to Leeds to speak at the Think Visibility conference on Saturday.

I love the name of the event as it encompasses much of what businesses fail to do much of the time.

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5 Reasons Why PPC is Crucial to Social Media & Brand Reputation

At a conference on social media before Christmas, one of the presenters suggested PPC wasn’t relevant to brand reputation management as “nobody clicks on the ads”.

It was a plainly wrong assumption given Google’s whole business model is based on them, and look how much money they have in the bank!

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Simple ROI Tip for Corporate Blogging

Lovely post from Jason Falls – aka Social Media Explorer – who gives some excellent advice for all you doubting Thomas’s who want hard ROI numbers for your social media efforts.

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Win a £5k Search Audit with Reform Digital

Just fill out this survey if you’re a UK Advertiser http://www.reformdigital.com/researchfor the chance of a digital makeover.

Thanks for the heads up from the wonderful Amanda Davie who, I’m sure, will answer a few questions on the findings when the data has been put through the mangle!

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Bing.com From Behind The Bling

I’ve always been pretty agnostic on Digitales, but as this is my 300th post, I’m sure Steve and Rich at Media Week will allow me to talk Bing!

Ever since I joined Microsoft back in the summer of 2005, the advertisers and agencies I’ve talked to have loved adCenter and helped it grow in functionality through and open and honest dialogue. They’ve appreciated the diligence and availability our service teams and revelled in the great ROI they’ve gleaned from the platform.

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Search Works with TV…….Sometimes!

A couple of weeks ago The Search Works asked me to kick off their client summit – The Search Sessions – at the fabulous Vinopolis by the river in London.

Honoured as I was, I thought it both polite and in my interest to stay on for the rest of the day and hear the other speakers. Very often I learn a great deal from being at these kind of affairs as I pick up nuggets of information or different points of view that are both thought provoking and provide interesting content for this blog and articles I write elsewhere.

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Blogging and Twittering From SES San Jose 2008

I’m off to Seattle tonight and then San Jose for the 10th Anniversary Search Engine Strategies conference on Sunday.

Looking forward to catching up on all the latest news and views on the search industryat what is billed as the biggest search marketing conference ever.

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Avioding The Credit Crunch – Straight From A Dragon’s Mouth

James Caan, the new bloke in the Dragon’s Den, has been giving away advice in the Sunday Times Business Section.

In a series called Minimising Risk, he offers tips to businesses on how to analyse the market and be more imaginative when promoting themselves.

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Is Google Going to Go CPA?

Jon Beeston from Efficient Frontier has discovered the Google may be planning to offer advertisers a Cost-Per-Acquisition model to gain leads from people searching for financial products…

On his blogJon was wily enough to get some screenshots of what's obviously a test across a small percentage of Google's traffic.

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Digital Twin Peaks

There are two “summits” going on this week in London that you should considerattending…

The eMetrics Marketing Optimisation Summitwill be kicking off from 20-21st in Russell Square. If you enjoyed my posts from San Francisco then you'll know I've been totally absorbed by this way of looking at business metrics and web analytics.

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