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Do You Take The Laptop on Holiday?

I’ve just got back from 2 weeks in Vietnam. Thoroughly recommend the place. Gorgeous scenery, lovely beaches in Phu Quoc Island, very friendly people and, at 50p a pint, it’s cheap once you’re there.

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Facebook For Business? Are You Serious?

Nodding heads are normally a good sign when you’re speaking in public and there were quite a few at the Online Information Show yesterday when I was talking about how Microsoft uses social media to communicate with advertisers and gather feedback.

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BBC & Getting Safe Online

Nice to see The Sunday Life Show at the weekend giving a balanced view on social networking. Too often the dramatic music starts up and shadowy figures can be seen huddled ove computer keyboards giving the illusion that most of us are up to no good on the web after the sun goes down.

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Blog Traffic Is Getting Bigger and Bigger

In Hitwise’s July newsletter, its featured article talks about how visits to blogs and personal websites hit 1.9% of all internet activity in June.

Now that might not sound a lot, but the fact that the growth of blog traffic is outpacing that of “traditional” news sites is the main takeaway forme from the piece.

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Liz Jones – I don’t hate you but…..

…..your article in last weekend’s Mail on Sunday – 400 Facebook Friends, But Who Else Did The Web Let Into Laurent’s Life? – was a little silly!

Here are a few comments:

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Facebook Phenomena Facts & Social Networking Tips

So Facebook is bigger than MySpace! Surely it was only a matter of time? To survive the onslaught the latter goes niche into entertainment and music while FB proves a better connector and communication tool.

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Glut Of Social Networking Profiles?

A light-hearted look at one option!

DigiTales Fables #1 – Blogs-Mart

At the International Search Summit a couple of weeks ago, the post lunch session was all about online marketing howlers. The brief for the panel was to tell stories where companies had got their digital strategies outrageously wrong, and demonstrate the dismal consequences for business owners if they didn’t take online seriously.

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Thrown Out Of The FaceParty!

I'm 36! I don't have a Faceparty account but if I did I would be about to be frog marched off their premises for being too old…

Marketing Week reportsthat government legislation has forced them into a corner because they can't check addresses against Gordon's sex offender list.

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Twittering Cricket

The BBC has continued to impress with its embracing of new technologies by having the Test Match Special team Twittering from the boundary…

I'm in Seattle at the mo and am listening to the 1st Test commentary over the internet and am now following twitter updates here: https://twitter.com/bbctms

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